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                Yarn Cutters

                Yarn Cutters

                Yarn Cutters

                Electro-mechanical systems are used to cut off textiles yarn, Fil Control’ yarn cutters are devoted to protect textile machinery.


                Designed by Tele-mechanic? 40 years ago, CA9-T keeps being a major actor on the market and regularly updated, according to new user requirements.


                When yarn processing, the yarn may break and then after must be cut off and the cut end must be grip as early as possible in the process.


                Fil Control Yarns Cutters prevents loss of time, material waste, neighboring yarn entanglement, and corrective maintenance when the wire is wound on the rotating parts, which can cause the breakup of important and expensive parts on the machine.


                During winding operations, the wire must be cut when the expected length is reached.

                Fil Control offers 2 main types of yarn cutters: (a picture to illustrate each subfamily)

                Yarn cutter with manual reset

                Most commonly installed on the conventional texturing machinery

                yarn cutter control

                Yarn cutter with automatic reset

                Pneumatically or electro-mechanically controlled, they are designed for continuous process machinery.



                Yarn cutter with manual reset

                Yarn cutter with manual reset   ? CA9-C The CA9-C series are yarn cutters devoted to textile machines. They can cut up to 1 100 dtex yarns. FUNCTIONS: When operating on yarn machines, the breaking of one (or more) yarn has to be detected immediately and automatically. Yarn sensors play Read More

                Yarn cutter with automatic reset

                Yarn cutter with automatic reset Pneumatically or electro-mechanically controlled, they are designed for continuous process machinery.     CFD ( pneumatic) The CFD 423865 is a pneumatic yarn cutter specially developed for RIETER texturing machines. It can cut yarns up to 3 000 Read More