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Restraining Orders


Within the state of California, judges are permitted to restrain people from committing certain types of unlawful conduct through injunctions, which are called restraining orders. There are various types of restraining orders that can be issued against individuals. Restraining orders are commonly ordered in circumstances in which domestic violence is assumed or alleged. Domestic violence restraining orders are obtained when an individual files a petition with the local court alleging that a person within his or her domestic unit has inflicted harm, has threatened harm, or is stalking them.


If a restraining order is issued against you, obtain strong legal guidance from Newman and Horton LLP. One of the most important steps you must take at this time is to ensure that you do not violate the order prior to appearing in court. Violators will likely face increased penalties and either a misdemeanor or felony charge. Criminal contempt charges are typically treated in a very harsh manner in court. You can greatly benefit from the legal guidance of an experienced and aggressive lawyer who can fight on your behalf. Public safety officers face unique legal circumstances, when faced with criminal charges and family law concerns. Individuals arrested for domestic assault who hold a professional license or security clearance are at risk of losing their license and job. Rather than ignoring your civil restraining order, you should discuss your case with an attorney right away. California’s domestic violence laws are difficult to navigate on your own, and police agencies typically do not take cases of domestic violence lightly. Contact us today to speak with a Ventura County domestic violence attorney!