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Newman and Horton are able to provide a comprehensive level of representation for our clients’ specific needs. The ability to represent our clients in both their personal and professional lives creates a unified and tailored representation strategies. Supplementing our corporate law emphasis with the ability to handle related civil, family, criminal, estate planning, and administrative matters has set us apart from other boutique corporate law firms.
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Few legal experiences are more emotionally challenging than that of divorce. Families who are navigating divorce cases will need to select a specific strategy to obtain a favorable resolution to their circumstances. Newman and Horton LLP strives to provide our clients with comprehensive legal counsel and to help them select the most appropriate option to handle their case. Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that can help families resolve their legal quarrels in an amicable manner. Mediation is also used to lower the risk of animosity between the associated parties. It also can be less expensive than litigation.


With the many benefits of mediation, it may appear to be a very appealing option. Although mediation is the preferred method for most families, it only works when all parties are willing to negotiate and respect each other. If you and your current spouse are able to communicate one another’s wishes without engaging in a heated dispute, this may be the appropriate option for you.

Mediation can be beneficial for many reasons, including:

  • Less time spent in court
  • Less expenses because of fewer court fees
  •  Each party can choose his or her own mediator
  •  Each party can listen to each other’s concerns
  •  Parties can make their own decisions instead of a judge deciding the terms of the divorce
  • Each party can suggest creative options


Mediation is a cost-effective solution for families who are pursuing divorce but it can also help you resourcefully resolve other family law dilemmas. As you part ways with your current spouse, mediation can facilitate a much more amicable transition, especially for any children involved. Through mediation, you can protect the emotions and relationships within your entire family.

The formal mediation process includes six steps:

  • Introductory remarks
  • Statement of the problem by the parties
  • Information gathering
  • Problem identification
  • Bargaining and discussing options
  • Reaching an agreement

During each step of mediation, one of our Ventura County family attorneys can ensure that your rights are well protected. Contact us today for further information to determine whether this is the right process for you.