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Newman and Horton are able to provide a comprehensive level of representation for our clients’ specific needs. The ability to represent our clients in both their personal and professional lives creates a unified and tailored representation strategies. Supplementing our corporate law emphasis with the ability to handle related civil, family, criminal, estate planning, and administrative matters has set us apart from other boutique corporate law firms.
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DUI Attorney in Ventura County

Have you been charged with drunk driving?

In California, it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol level over a certain amount:

  • .08% or higher for persons over 21

  • .04% or higher for commercial drivers

  • .01% or higher for persons under 21

dui1Being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol can be frightening. You are suddenly confronted with the reality that you may lose your license, go to jail and even lose your career. DUI cases are big business for attorneys.

Following your arrest, you will be inundated with letters from attorneys offering their services. Most people are not familiar with the process or the penalties involved with a DUI conviction and simply want to understand the process from a lawyer. Most DUI attorneys offer a free consultation. The real purpose of the consultation is to have clients sign a retainer agreement that range from $5,000 to $10,000. Sadly, the majority of DUI cases end in a license suspension, a conviction and the payment of fines and fees. Those individuals who end up entering a guilty plea and are convicted of DUI are often left to wonder what service their DUI attorney really supplied.


Newman & Horton LLP’s Low-Cost Option

Newman & Horton LLP wants to change the DUI paradigm. We believe that our clients should be aware of the risks and costs of fighting their case before they shell out thousands of dollars. Newman & Horton LLP has created a unique service for those arrested for DUI. For $500, clients receive a one-hour meeting with an experienced DUI attorney who will analyze their case and draft a custom, individualized report detailing the specific strengths and weaknesses of their case. The report will also include important information about the process, fines and contact information to aid clients in making an informed decision about whether to proceed with an attorney or not.

Newman & Horton LLP’s low-cost option allows individuals to demystify the DUI process. Better yet, there is no retainer to sign or obligation to pay additional fees. If clients decide to have Newman & Horton LLP represent them through the administrative and criminal process, the $500 consultation fee is credited against Newman & Horton LLP’s reasonable retainer fees.
Become informed prior to spending thousands of dollars on futile defenses. Call Newman & Horton LLP today to schedule your consultation, or, submit an online form today!


While it may seem impossible to defend against conviction, there may be a number of strategies that our legal team can utilize.

  • Machines used to test you weren’t working properly
  • Errors in police procedure
  • Field sobriety exercises weren’t valid
  • Miranda warnings weren’t provided

Once we begin investigating your case, we may be able to find further evidence that can build a strong case in your defense.

We are dedicated to protecting your constitutional rights and your future.

Don’t wait to contact us, as you only have 10 days to schedule a DMV hearing!

To make your appointment, call our office at 805.232.3220 or submit an online evaluation.